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We are grateful for the support

Animal Rescue Connections is so grateful to Hill Country Animal League for all the help. Another 15 cats will be spayed/neutered today, which almost completes the “fixing” part of this project. We have just one more elusive cat to persuade into a trap and, unless, we find more hiding somewhere, we can at least relax knowing no more kittens will be emerging from hiding places.

Many thanks also to Jeri and Lynda of Bulverde Area Humane Society, who evaluated the nursing kittens and pulled a few that need extra attention. They have separated the nursing mama with a few kittens and another mama cat has started to nurse. The kittens are being closely monitored but we will ask for bottle-feeding help if we see they are having problems.

If you volunteered to help bottle-feed in this emergency, perhaps you might consider signing-up with Animal Rescue Connections as a foster volunteer with bottle-feeding experience. You would be listed as a valuable volunteer for the next emergency (there will be other kittens needing expert help). Go to

Many thanks to Rosemary who pitched in today and helped clean and disinfect the empty traps and carriers. A project like this has so many facets beyond the initial trapping, etc. Clean-up is exhausting, especially in the heat but we got lucky Tuesday morning with cloud cover that kept the temperature reasonable. Rosemary smiled and chatted her way through this heavy work and brightened my day. My energy level is severely depleted after 9 days of this project so all the help is so gratefully received.

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