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Adopt, don't shop​!

We offer adoptions on a limited, by-appointment basis. If you wish to adopt one of our cats, please complete our online application here: ARC Cat Application.

When adopting a pet, please take a moment to decide what personality traits would be a good fit for your family. Are you looking for an easy-going cuddle-bug or a party animal? We have a cat for that! Do you want quiet and reserved?  We have a cat for that! Our cats and kittens will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. Adoption fees vary by cat according to age and breed ($85 - $150). 


​Meet our furry felines ready for adoption at the PetSmart adoption center (21019 US Hwy 281) from 5-6:30 pm Monday - Friday and 1:00-4:00 pm Saturday & Sunday. Additional adoption-ready cats and kittens can be found by browsing profiles below, or on sites like PetFinder or AdoptaPet. To meet one of our cats in their foster home, contact our adoption counselors here: In-home Foster Visit. 

For anyone who loves cats and kittens but cannot permanently house one, consider fostering.  Opening your loving home to the cats and kittens in need not only gives you something to smile about, but also helps save these cats and kittens from hunger, loneliness, and danger.  Learn more about our foster program here.  

There's a cat for that!

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