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TNR project now at 59 cats

On the road at 6 a.m. today with the next 13 cats from the Aunty's House project. With the 22 done earlier this week, that makes 35 that have been fixed so far. Hill Country Animal League in Boerne has been so supportive, helping get these large numbers spayed/neutered. We would have brought more in today but ran out if traps. I am guessing there are about 8 more in the main house still to get.

Yesterday, we discovered another box in the bedroom with 11 kittens (2 litters of practically newborns, some still with umbilical cords attached). One surrogate mama is valiantly trying to feed them. Nobody knows which young females birthed them. Our suspicion is that two young females just didn't know what was happening, dropped kittens and walked away. I guess that happens in the wild, and the kittens die. It's tragic!

So, along with the older nursing kittens and mamas, the number is now at 59 cats. The mamas are very friendly and sweet. In fact, most of the 59 cats are very sociable and are up for adoption when their medical needs are completed.

Many thanks to Bulverde Area Humane Society and everyone who has been involved in the physical work (trapping, transporting, cleaning and feeding), the cat juggling to find spaces for these little guys, and the fosters who are pulling out all the stops. We are so very grateful. This is truly an exercise in team work.

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