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Foster Program

Foster homes are the life-blood of the organization! Foster homes needed for:
• Litters of kittens or pairs of kittens
• Adult cats needing a separate space
• Babysitting kittens or adult cats when fosters go on vacation


Kitten's ages can range from newborn to several months old and they need different attention depending on their ages. Kittens that are already weaned (i.e. eating food on their own) need lots of playtime and a safe play area. Occasionally, we have nursing babies that have lost their mothers and they need bottle-feeding. This is challenging but extremely rewarding. If you choose to help out with this job, you will receive training from our experts.

Our adoptable cats and kittens are all fostered in people's homes until they go to adoption events at Petco and PetSmart. If you would like to become a volunteer foster home to care for the animals while they prepare for adoption, please send a completed ARC Foster Application and Contract (below) to

More questions?  Check out the Q/A below.

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