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Welcome to Cooper's Corner
The purrsuit of happy endings and furever homes!

After four wild years of living on the streets, fighting off bullies and fending for himself, Sir Cooper (as he has now been dubbed) was rescued from the streets and put through ARC's foster program. Being older and initially timid, he was a sad sight compared to the cute kittens also looking for their furever homes. Then in July 2020, the purrfect caregivers came seeking a special cat who could help heal their broken hearts having lost two long-loved family felines just a year before. Unfazed by his special needs, they saw his scars as marks of valor, his ear worn tux as dashing, and his charm as irresistible.  Yes - this was a purrfect match and now he's the luckiest and most loved cat ever!! 


There are so many ways our community helps the animals that come into our care. This page is dedicated to everyone who helps ensure these deserving felines find their furever homes.

Our Partners

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